Here are some small scripts I wrote for 3ds Max.


 Find Bad Polys is a simple script that searches for 3, 4 and n-sided polygons.


 New Project is a script I execute every time I start working on a new project. It generates a working directory with additional subfolders, and it's got four custom folders you can use to your liking.


 RenameXT is an extension of the existing renaming tool in 3ds Max. It collects objects by type and allows you to cycle through them by selecting them in the viewport and renaming them accordingly.


 RenderXT is a tool which quickly lets you choose from a set of resolutions, flip your canvas from landscape to portrait and use resolution multipliers

 RenderUVs is an automated tool for rendering the UV layout of a selected low-poly mesh and saving it to disk.

 OffsetUVs is a script I use when baking normal/occlusion maps of symmetrical low-poly models, it shifts the mirrored UVs by adding +1 to the U cooridante of each vertex, preventing seams from appearing in the baked maps.

 Explode by Element extracts each disconnected mesh element within a single object as a separate object with a unique name. It's the opposite of Combine
 Combine merges all selected objects as elements into a single object. It's the opposite of Explode By Element.
 Harden UVs goes through all UV islands of a selected object and hardens thier UV borders. Hard UV borders are useful when baking normal maps because they eliminate the "undulating" surface shading of some hard-surface models and increase the compression of normal maps files.
 Snap to XYZ searches for vertices within a desired threshold and sets their X,Y or Z components 0.0. This is useful when aligning the central verteices to X 0.0 before using the Symmetry modifier.
 Batch Import/Export can import a folder with .FBX files into your scene and export each selected object as a separate .FBX file.